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  1. sridhar
    sridhar at |

    I am planning to purchase a computer chair i have to sit before laptop for 5-8 hours. Which chair shall I opt,
    Is it godrej ace or feather lite? I am little back problem. My budget will be somewhere 18 thousand maximum.

    I have purchase one imported which costed me around 6k but i am uable to sit and work.
    Right how i am using godrej office chair which is old model which is with wire seat and wire back.

    Please reply I am facing difficulty while sitting and working.

    Please reply to email

  2. Sanoop
    Sanoop at |

    Planning to check out Godrej Ace and Featherlite Optima tomorrow.

  3. Sanoop
    Sanoop at |

    Any review about BlueBell chair?

  4. Prasanna
    Prasanna at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    I recently bought Godrej Ace Chair and am noticing the following things. Is these things normal.

    1.Seat moves a bit forward when i stretch backwards. ( Its there in your review but confirming it again )
    2.Arm Rests are not rigidly fixed to the steel frame. It can be shaken.


  5. Aasim
    Aasim at |

    Thank you Ashesh,
    Well I believe if you sit even for one hour ergenomically either willingly or unwillingly it will be helpful. No better way to get your back some respite with this chairs. I have my own investment firm and most of the time I look the screen arleast 7hrs a day…so not bad usage. And definitely rock a lot 🙂

  6. Aasim
    Aasim at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    Quite a thread!! Kudos!!

    I have also shortlisted Optima but I am unable to weigh price to comfort as it is tough to locate dealers. You have shared link of accord seating, I assume they assemble replica of brands like featherlite. I have few questions for you:

    1. Have you got review or heard from anybody who has got assembled chairs from accord seatings?
    2. Like you, I am also not big fan of buying replicas but owing to my budget constraints do you think is it a fair deal to try them?
    3. Nest and Nancy and Newton looks fine to me what will be your choice?
    4. And what will be price at which you would tempt to compromise on brand ?
    5. Any advice apart from that 🙂


  7. manoj kumar jain
    manoj kumar jain at |


    Thanks for your reply.

    A 3 minute video of this chair is available on you tube.

  8. manoj kumar jain
    manoj kumar jain at |

    Hi Ashesh

    I found your review very helpful.I bought featherlite optima chair two days back.

    I have been suffering from lower back & hip pain for last two & half months.Chair is good other wise but there are two issues.

    1st- Lumbar support is made of plastic & it feel hard on back.I am feeling backache at position of lumbar support.

    2nd-I am 5’6″ tall.When I sit on chair with seat at back most position,there is no gap between back of my legs & seat front.I think it is not ergonomically ok.

    Ca you advise me on these issues.


    Manoj K Jain

  9. lokesh
    lokesh at |

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student and currently suffering from occasional lower back pain (which is due to long sitting hours). Since I am not much on my budget, could you please suggest me some affordable chair with lumbar back support (in 10 k range). Also I would like to try the chair before buying it , any showroom or shops where I can visit (I live in Mukherjee Nagar, North Delhi)

    Thank you.

  10. Prasanna
    Prasanna at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    Informative and helpful post.

    Any feedback about this chair.It costs ~14K but trial is not available and reviews are not there. So i am not able to decide on the ergonomics of it.



  11. Rahul
    Rahul at |
  12. Rahul
    Rahul at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    did you or anyone else try SteelCase Think chair, with mesh back? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk437A5Fh8U
    It costs ~30 K in Pune. I inspected it for ~30 minutes in their showroom and it looked good. But if someone has used it for longer, their comments would help.


  13. Arathi
    Arathi at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    Thanks for the detailed review and keeping this page active till date. I am also looking for a chair which would support my upper and lower back. I checked on featherlite optima and godrej ace/leoma, they are all too big and I don’t feel comfortable. Infact my sister has featherlite optima. Would you be able to suggest a chair for person who is of very thin built and small height. Thanks

  14. Rahul
    Rahul at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    A very informative review, thank you so much!

    I think I’m kind of experiencing the same issue as you did with the chair’s seat – it’s slanted, but I’m not sure if this is the right position or not. The “downward” slant is at the back – whereas the “upward” slant is at the front. I definitely experience some weird pressure in my thighs but I’m not sure if this is the same problem you had.

    Could you let me know? Thank you once again.

    Best Regards,
    Visitor from Chennai

  15. vijay
    vijay at |

    Hi, Ashesh,

    Help me my budget is below 10 K . Please guide me which chair i should buy. It would be grate if can share you contact No. or gmail id so we can talk.



  16. Asha
    Asha at |

    Thanks Ashesh, I am going to the call them, Also I feel the mesh in the back side became loose after the use of 2 days continuously, Is there something like that?

  17. Asha
    Asha at |

    Hello Ashesh,
    I tried with that, But I am not able to lock the chair in multiple positions, And I have a doubt, Is those wheels are of rubber?
    I had a doubt the chair which I saw in the showroom has rubber wheels, But here whatever I received is Plastic, Also when it was delivered by the time it self scratch marks was there, Could you please suggest on this?

    Initially it was told me that technician will come and assemble the chair, But I received an assembled chair only.
    and Hand rest I am able to adjust vertically, Horizontally I am not able to do.


  18. Asha
    Asha at |



    This is nice, Since I didn’t had much idea about their after sales, I just dropped it, Thinking of getting some other products from there.

    Please see transteel chairs as well, heard they are awesome. But after sales service no idea.

  19. Asha
    Asha at |

    Hi Ashesh,
    I bought ACE, just received it. I bought from godrej showroom, Not from any dealers.:)
    Hope that would be a good support for me.

    I am not able to lock the chair in multiple positions. Locking is possible only in the initial position
    Showroom is too far for me, Couldn’t Visit them again


  20. Asha
    Asha at |

    Hi Ashesh,
    Thanks for the review, It helped a lot, I am hunting for a chair, I got some good options with transteel &
    http://backrx.in/back-pain-solution-work.html. but don’t have an idea about after sales service.

    Request you to suggest me

    I went and checked Godrej Ace & Leoma, Ace is 20+ , and I saw same kind of chairs in some other shops as well,
    transteel is something which is providing chairs.

    But I don’t know about after sales service, and would like to know which is better Leoma or Ace? Please provide your suggestions

    1. Samit
      Samit at |


      I actually bought a couple of products from http://backrx.in/ and the after sales was pretty good. I was looking for a chair but ended buying some other products while I am still deciding which chair to buy. Once the product was delivered someone from their customer care called and asked me whether i had any questions which i thought was pretty amazing compared to other ecommerce sites.

      Yes compared to featherlite and godrej they do not have a brand name but their products seem to be working. Ive just seen they have added some more chairs to their site: http://backrx.in/back-pain-solution-work/office-chairs.html

      I would also suggest looking up some products on pepperfry and other sites. they do not have a such a focused range of back pain products like backrx.in but you can get options.

  21. dr dipti
    dr dipti at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    Your comments were helpful to me to select a chair. I purchased godrej ace finally after hunting for chairs for 1month. I too have to sit for 6 hours on computer for work. Wanted to know is the lumbar support with adjustable height of 4-5 inches sufficient. Does featherlite offer more lenght for adjustment?

  22. Jayakumar
    Jayakumar at |

    This site is certainly invaluable. I could not find any other site that discusses computer chairs from indian brands. Unfortunately I stumbled upon this site after ordering a chair made by Bluebell ergonomics from peperfry. Cost is 20k.
    Anybody has any experience with this brand.

  23. Amar Pawar
    Amar Pawar at |

    I think this beautiful blog is really a Bible for Chair buying. Thought of adding my experience to this blog. I too was searching for a good ergonomic chair. This blog was of immense help. At my house chair is used by me and sometimes by my wife. After reading this blog and trying various chairs, I narrowed down on ACE. (I had seen Aamirkhan ads earlier. The blog sort of confirmed my initial inclination towards ACE). The Godrej showroom in Mumbai explained all the features nicely.. they told me that the armrest doubles up as back support for people who like to turn around and discuss things with neighbours.. thats why it is not adjustable. The chair also has a weight sensitive mechanism which sales person claimed to be a Godrej Patent, chair senses weight of the person and then offers relative support for the back. This is perfect since my wife will also be using the same chair at times. I commented that ACE chair is expensive more as bargaining to see if they give me discount. They showed me a chair called Pulse @ 14 K instead, it was comfortable, had lumbar support, but did not had weight sensitive mechanism. Leoma I think they have increased prices as it was expensive than ACE and again was not having weight sensitive mechanism. Though Pulse was also good and economical, I decided to invest extra and I finally bought the ACE chair @ 20K. I have habit of sliding in chair go below the table and work, hence I opted for extra neck rest. Helps me for resting my head in inclined position. They took 2 weeks to deliver. Chair is comfortable and works for me. Thanks all for this wonderful blog which helped me in my decision immensely.

  24. Ayush
    Ayush at |

    Ashesh, well written review and great that you have kept the discussion active.

    After confronting with limited options and a notion to stick with better brands, that too in a small town, I rendered Godrej Bravo mid back. Have had a history of lower back ache, neck muscle stiffness and all bad posture related problems.

    Thought this chair would be magic, but I’m all second thoughts now. The chair is good, feels nice for an hour, but then it starts giving that uncomfortable feeling, or maybe I’m under over analysis.

    I’m trying to understand, with height adjustable, is it possible to raise only the back few inches up. I’m unable to feel any grooves for different heights in the back unit.

  25. Pawan
    Pawan at |

    Ashesh, Thanks for the detailed review and the discussion it has kick started.

    I’d just like to add an option I recently discovered that may help prospective buyers : http://backrx.in/ergonomic-products/office-ergonomic-products/office-chairs/half-mesh-chair-narrow-back

    It is the only chair (I found) that has adjustable lumbar support and costs less than 14k. I have no idea about the brand so if someone has any experience, do pitch in!

  26. Johny
    Johny at |

    Helllo Ashesh,

    Your hard work really appreciated.
    Kindly suggest an ergonomic & durable product available in India that can be used during:

    1 – Reading for long hours
    2 – Sitting while working on Computer / Laptop
    3 – Sitting idle after long working hours.


  27. Bharat
    Bharat at |

    Hi Ashesh

    This page is like Indian version of Chairs Bible. Your research & the supporting inputs are really invaluable. An idea, if you don’t mind, launch “Chairbible.in”, who knows when these big daddies of seating solution will design crawlers to scrap sentiment from it.

    A big thanks with folded hands for writing the bible. I liked your other posts on blogs too.

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