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  1. Neha Mahajan
    Neha Mahajan at |

    Hi All.
    Thank you for the details insight on the process. I had a very easy and quick experience today at psk gurgaon. My appointment was at 10 am and I was out of the office by 10.20am. I had gone for renewal + name change+ address change. They didn’t ask for even marriage certificate or affidavit for the name change. I had only following document:
    1. Application with new name
    2. Old passport
    3. Aadhar card with new address
    4. Bank passbook with new address

    I was called at counter A10 after all the document verification and scanning and payment of 40 rupees, I was called at count C3 and they just cancelled the old passport and after that I submitted the applications and received the acknowledgment receipt with status: ON HOLD. After inquring on the status they said I will receive the SMS that the documents are under process, I moved out of the building.

    It was a great experience for me though. I hope rest of you also get the same experience as mine.

  2. Monish
    Monish at |

    hiii ashesh..i ve a query,i ve applied for passport of my wife and daughter(2 yrs old).the appointment date is of 30/1/2017 i.e tommarow.but their appointment time is different coz of internet problem.my wife appointment time is of 12.30 pm and my daughter appointment time is 3.30 pm.i want to ask r the presence of both parents is mandatory at my daughter appointment time…coz at that time she salready inside n going through passport formalities…and is it okay if i go with my daughter as i have the required doc i.e birth certificate of my daughter,adhar card of my daughter,my recent passport in which my wife name already endrosed,my marriage certificate and vter id n adhar card.kindly guide .

  3. Avijit
    Avijit at |

    And to complete my story, 29/09 [Thu], 4 PM: SMS – ‘Police has submitted a clear report for your current address’. So that is 2 weeks from appearance at PSK to finish. Impressed.

  4. Avijit
    Avijit at |

    Forgot to specify — my experience [above] was with RPO: Delhi, PSK: Gurgaon, and Police Station: Gurgaon Sector 29.

    Hope this helps someone!

  5. Avijit
    Avijit at |

    Thanks to Ashesh and everyone on this terrific thread — helped me a lot when I was preparing for my passport re-issue application. My passport had expired 27/06, and there was no address change. My experience [September 2016] was like this:

    08/09 [Thu] — application submitted on line. payment made via SBI challan at 2 PM (SBI Sushant Lok)
    09/09 [Fri] — 7 PM: received challan payment acknowledgement
    12/09 [Mon] — booked appointment — got 11 AM on 15/09
    15/09 [Thu] — went to PSK, entered at 10:45, was out of the PSK by 11:20! I carried all kinds of documents, but was asked only for the old passport & AADHAR card which I produced. My path was Entry -> Token Counter -> A -> B -> Exit Counter. At ‘B’ counter, the gentleman marked a ‘H’ on my file and asked me to go to the exit counter. I asked him whether I should go to a ‘C’ counter and he said no. At the exit counter, I got the receipt — it said ‘on hold’. Was a bit worried about the ‘on hold’ status, but then…
    19/09 [Mon] —
    1 PM: got SMS “Granted on post PV basis”
    2 PM: SMS “Printing Initated”
    20/09 [Tue] —
    3 AM: E-mail “Police Verification Request(s) have been initiated on Post-Verification basis for your Passport Application (Re-Issue Passport Issuance under Normal scheme)”
    1 PM: SMS “Passport Printed”
    9 PM: E-Mail “Passport has been printed for your application […] the same will be issued to you after Lamination, Signing and Quality Check.”
    21/09 [Wed] —
    6 PM: SMS “Dispatched, tracking number PP…IN”
    11 PM: E-Mail “Your passport has been dispatched on 21-09-2016 through speed post.”
    23/09 [Fri] —
    3 PM: Passport received at home (by the way, the tracking number never showed me the status at the India Post web-site, kept saying ‘consignment details not found’ up to the time I received the passport. Shows the tracking status now, however!)
    7 PM: Gentleman from police station called, set up PV for next day
    24/09 [Sat]:
    10 AM: He visited for police verification. Only notable item is that in addition to copy of my address proofs and signatures [on a form letter that he supplied] from two neighbors, this time I was also asked for copy of address proofs of those two neighbors. Luckily was able to get that in time while he waited.

    That’s was it folks! I am impressed with how things have improved. This is my third passport — the last time I had my passport re-issued ten years ago, it was a horror story. This time … unbelievably smooth! Got the passport in my hand in 15 days from the application and 8 days from the visit to the PSK, and it wasn’t even Tatkaal! Hats off to both the Passport office and TCS!

    One note — I had to go for a Challan payment because the credit-card payment didn’t work on 07/09, and then didn’t let me retry payment again for the rest of the day. It unlocked next day, then failed again … so I created another application (another ARN) and chose ‘Challan’.

    Another thing, though there was a news item on August 2015 that re-issue ‘where previous police report is clear’ will no longer require PV, it appears that PV is still taking place for that (though it is a post-PV.) Can’t guess why — maybe the reports from 10 years earlier aren’t fully computerized? Also, even though I did not have an address change, the PSK still asked for the address proof anyway, even though according to the instruction booklet this should not be required.

    But overall … fabulous experience!

  6. Ravi Ranjan Kumar
    Ravi Ranjan Kumar at |

    Hello Mr. Ashesh,

    I am Ravi Ranjan Kumar, applied for Re-issue of passport with Gurgaon Office with application no.-DL3070028303416 on 20/06/16 and again due to hold because of some documents missing, I completed formalities on 01/07/16 and accepted.

    Now there is no updates as 20 days already over, still showing under review in Passport seva kendra. How to get the actual status.

  7. Sanjana
    Sanjana at |

    I had submitted my application to PSK Gurgaon for renewal of passport due to exhaustion of pages in November 2015. My application could not be processed till now as one of the documents to be submitted was missing. They have said that my application and payment is valid for one year and will be on hold till I submit this document. I am ready to submit this document now, 8 July 2016, but can’t go in person to the PSK Gurgaon. Can I send someone with an authorisation letter on my behalf to submit this document and passport? Is there a number of PSK Gurgaon that I can call on and check this with them?


  8. swapna
    swapna at |


    My father is government employee and for my mother I need take Identity Certificate annexure b.I want to know the photograph on IC should be of my mother’s or father’s photo.Or i need to know separate Identity Certificates for my father and mother.

  9. nakul
    nakul at |

    am in Bangalore and i got rejected since i did not have an annexure f
    its very hard to procure can u pls tell me if principal of a government college or government doctors can issue an annexure f
    my appointment is day after pls help !

  10. Virendra Sharma
    Virendra Sharma at |


    I have applied for renewal of my both daugter’s passport which will expire on 19th July-2015.
    Earlier it was issued from Jaipur and now I have applied at Gurgaon PSK , since I am leaving here in Gurgaon from last 7 yrs. I have got appointment of 12th Aug (Normal Catagory) for both of my daughter.

    I have following Queries:
    Q1. I have made a mistake in filling the application form regarding name of my daughter, I incorrectly replaced names to be filled in Given Name and Surname.
    As I had submitted the form, To correct this, I called their call center, the executitve said this can not be corrected, you can discard old form and need to fill a new form, i.e. Rs 1000 submitted earlier will all be wasted.
    Pls suggest what can be done here.

    Q2. On appointment day, I plan to carry following document
    A. Printed Application form
    B. Proof of Address – My AADHAR Card and Electricity Bill
    C. Original Passport (Me and My wife) and Self attested copies of first two and last two paged. (Reference given in daughter’s application)
    D. Both of daughter’s Old Passport with attested copies (by me)of first two and last two pages .
    E. Proof of Place and DoB ( Birth certificate for daughters)
    F. Annexure H (Our daughters are 5yr and another 11yrs old)

    Is above list sufficient?

    Q3 What about photographs in form, Should I carry or it will be clicked there only ?

    Q4 – Can I get early dates of appointment in normal category , currently it is approx 1 month ?


  11. Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu at |

    Hi, this is quite useful data. I preferred getting my passport renewal done quickly so opted for Tatkal. However, I now realised that getting the Annex F is next to impossible for me since my appointment is set for tomorrow. Is there any problems in getting it changed to “normal” from tatkal? If not, then I’d probably go that route considering it takes 4 weeks now? I need to go for a foreign visit around November and I still have enough time.

  12. Nitin
    Nitin at |

    Hi, Wonderful blog. I’m also about to visit PSK Gurgaon on 03 July so just want to ensure that I do have all the correct docs.

    I have applied for my wife’s and daughter’s passport and both have got the same appointment time. It is not tatkal but the normal application. I was issued my passport before marriage and it doesn’t have my wife’s name on it.

    I want to ask if any doc is missing except,

    1. Printed Application forms
    2. Proof of DoB (School certificate for Wife and Birth certificate for daughter)
    3. Proof of Address (Aadhar card for wife applicable for both, plus mine in case it is needed)
    4. Marriage Affidavit (Since my wife’s docs has her earlier name and changed name is needed in passport)
    5. Annexure H (Our daughter is 14 months old)
    6. My passport (Reference given in daughter’s application)
    7. Birth certificate of my daughter

    I believe these are documents for both my wife and daughter. Are we missing something? I have cross checked it several times and just want to be ensured once again.

    Another thing I want to share is that my passport has a different address than that given in my kid’s application. Will that make a difference?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Archit
    Archit at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    You are awesome. I clarified a lot hell of doubts through this post.
    I need an urgent help from you. My wife applied for tatkaal reissue of her passport. She wants to add my surname, spouse name, and also wants to change the address. The old passport was issued in hyderabad and now she is applying through delhi for reissue as she is the permanent resident of delhi. She has gone through two appointments. I will mention in brief what was she told by the officers at counters-

    Appointment1- She took proof for current address as aadhar card (has her name as on old passport), marriage certificate (has her name as on old passport), my passport copy and her old passport and its copies. The people on counter A were fine with her documents but at counter B, they asked to have the address proof with my surname.

    She got her name changed in the bank and printed that on her passbook. Then she made second appointment.

    App2- She again went at the same RK puram PSK and again the person at counter A was fine with her documents. The person at counter B asked her to get her name changed in the marriage certificate as well i.e. to get my surname included OR else provide the Annexure D with this marriage certificate.

    Now she is looking forward to get the Annexure D but as you mentioned that Annexure F and I are mandatory for tatkaal passport, now we are afraid whether in her third appointment also, they might still ask Annexure F and I which they have not asked in her two previous appointments. And we don’t know any of the first class officer (mentioned in website) who can provide annexure F for her.

    Could you please help us in that regard? Can you tell us from whom we can get Annexure F? If it is possible for you, can we take help from the person from whom you got your Annexure F issued based on your recommendation as we are also based in Delhi?

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Best Regards

  14. Rajkumar
    Rajkumar at |

    new passport applice

  15. harpreet
    harpreet at |

    Hello sir.

    I have applied for reissue of my passport in tatkal.

    They have asked me to produce annexure f.

    I have my uncle in bareilly who is major in army. And i am in delhi.

    First question is is it applicable to get annexure f of someone outside the city i am residing in.

    Second question is, my uncle said that his office dont have any such staionerry like letterhead. So this thing can ve done on a normal paper ??

    Hope to get your reply soon.

  16. yan
    yan at |

    Hi Ashesh. I have applied for a passport from Delhi but my permanent address is nagaland. PV has been done in my present address Delhi..
    2 PV has gone to nagaland
    1. For permanent address
    2. My birth certificate.
    Police in nagaland is asking for documents to be submitted and Rs. 200. Where as I have submitted all required documents here in delhi during PV. Is it required for me to be present in my permanent address with the required documents. ?


    Hi Ashesh,
    My passport expiring on 18/05/15. There is no change in any details of mine., address or name etc. I have got online appointment for 18th Apr’15. Question – Other than original passport copies of first and last 2 pages self attensted, should I carry any other document along with me. Like my recent photogoraphs or Election card or Aadhar Card or DOB etc.
    Please advise.

  18. KP
    KP at |

    Hi Ashesh,
    Found it quite informative and the credit definitely goes to you. Much appreciate your assistance provided to all.

    I am residing in Delhi at my present address since Nov 2013 and wanted to apply for re-issuance of passport for my son and daughter (under normal category) whose passports got expired in 2014. I have the the below documents in hand:

    1. Children’s expired passports (with my hometown address which is of Dehradun).
    2. Children’s Date of birth Certificate( from Dehradun)
    3. My & my wife’s passport (with address of Dehradun)
    4. Gas Connection receipts/bills- have receipts of Nov 2013 and Sep 2014 on-wards till date (to be used as current add proof )
    5. My Adhar Card (With current add proof for last one year)
    6. Annexure H.
    7. My PAN card.
    8. I return acknowledgement with present address received in Sep 2014 (for FY 2013-14).
    My query is :
    a).Is there any other documents required for the renewal of my children’s passport.
    b). Any Id required for children, Both of my children are studying in primary class.

    Appreciate your quick response.


  19. Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu at |

    Well, Today i had the appointment at PSK gurgaon ,I applied for normal passport but since i did not had the original birth certificate they did accepted 10th school leaving certificate ,however i was given another date of appointment to show birth certificate and my file is kept on for hold till then. So i didn’t get why they took my 10th school leaving certificate 😐

  20. Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu at |

    Thanks , Ashesh

  21. Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu at |

    *Oops! Ashesh I maean

  22. Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu at |

    Thanks Ahsesh

  23. Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu at |

    Sir,I don’t have original birth certificate but photocopy of birth certificate do ihave to cancel my appointment it 3 days after?

  24. Vighnesh
    Vighnesh at |

    Hi Ashesh,
    i have to apply for my passport in tatkal in gurgaon office. can you please let me know about annexure F in detail..how can i get it?Thanks

  25. Rakesh Sawhney
    Rakesh Sawhney at |

    I live in Gurgaon and have to renew my passport.

    How much time does it take for renewal on normal or tatkal basis?

    If I apply on normal basis, can it be changed to Tatkal basis if the need arises?


  26. APARNA
    APARNA at |

    Hi Ashesh
    I want to apply tatkal passport for my son. I need to enquire two things.

    1) Can Annexure F be signed/issued by SHO? Is it acceptable?
    2) I don’t have my name endorsed in my husband’s passport n vice versa. I do have annexure D
    which is kind of marriage proof. Will it suffice?

    I would appreciate your quick response.


  27. Rashmi Singh
    Rashmi Singh at |

    Hi Ashesh,

    This is a commendable effort and not to mention, I am much too relieved after I went through this post and all the follow up comments. Thank you for this effort.

    I’d be glad if you could help me with this question regarding the Annexure F letter. While searching online for information relating to this, I found posts where people said that we need to give 2 original copies of Annexure F. Is this true?

    Also, regarding the reference number, as I understand from the discussion above, the person issuing the Annexure F (in my case a major general) can put any number of his choice as the reference number on the Annexure F…right?

    Also, the address proof that I am taking, the Bank pass book does not mention the district name and the pin code, should I mention these on Annexure F or should I stick toexactly the way its given on my bank pass book?

    Lastly, the details like my name, address etc on the Annexure F… can this be typed or should this be written by hand on Annexure F?

    If I am currently unemployed, should that be mentioned as it is, or do we need to write “Other” on Annexure F?

    Thanks again!

  28. Ajay
    Ajay at |

    Hi Ashesh,
    First of thank you for your efforts.
    I had visited GGN PSK on 2nd Jan 2015 for my 1 yr old son. Submitted Passport copies (Spouse n Mine, each others name endorsed), along with birth certificate and one another form which they asked to get from the photocopy guy. I was through with A and then at B counter he cross checked passports and Birth certificate and asked to submit the file at exit counter. I submitted and got the receipt on which Passport status is mentioned as- On Hold and everything else is mentioned as NA. But the guard standing there who note down the file no, said you will get your passport in 1 month. Also when i check the status online, there it is mentioned that “Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents.”
    Any idea how much time generally it takes for normal mode.


    These information are really helpful to an unknown person like me. Thanks for the useful details.

  30. jimmy gupta
    jimmy gupta at |

    i m localite from rajasthan living here in gurgaon after marriage from past 2.5 years need to make my passport . Could i apply for my passport here in gurgaon .

  31. Vikram
    Vikram at |

    Hi Asheesh,

    I had a name mismatch in my documents when i applied for passport. Below is a list of questions I need answers for.

    1. Can a passport applicant take an appointment immediately after he makes an affidavit and publishes the ad in 2 newspapers? Or is there any particular time period for which he needs to wait before applying?

    2. What is the current procedure for police verification ? Does one need to go to police station for physical verification or does the police officer comes to one’s home for verifying?

    3. Can police verification be done without being physically present ? Lets say if someone is out of town, can his local guardian go on his behalf for police verification and get the documents verified?

    4. After passport is despatched, does one need to be present to collect his passport from the Speedpost guy ? Or can one of the family members collect it on his behalf ?

    Thank you in advance. Waiting for your reply!!

  32. Suhas Goel
    Suhas Goel at |


    My passport application status is showing under review at the regional passport office. At my last visit they gave me a receipt in which it was written subject to police verification and fingerprint matching. Please tell what does it mean? Does it mean only police verification is let or there is still some hurdle left??


  33. Varun
    Varun at |

    Hey Ashesh,

    Regarding Converting a Tatkal to a Normal passport.. Could you please explain me the process.. i had been to Local PSK here in Bangalore, and since i did not have Annexure F and I. They asked me to come back in three days with the required documents.. But i dont think i can arrange for it in such short time..
    I am unable to convert it from tatkal to normal online.. so any guidelines for that would be damn helpful because my dead line for this current application ends on Friday..


  34. Sandeep Singh Tomar
    Sandeep Singh Tomar at |

    Hi Ashesh,
    can you please tell me about the tatkal process, i applied for a tatkal, but I don’t have annexure F letter, with the same application form can i apply for normal one ? i also applied for normal appointment.

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