Apani Dhani

Traditional dining area.
Traditional dining area.

For the dinner we had planned to go to Apani Dhani. It is a Rajasthani village theme based resort on the lines of the famous Chokhi Dhani of Jaipur.

Ticket is around Rs 300/pp which includes the food. We reached there around 9:30pm but nothing much was going on. It was cold and the staff were considerate to put around small braziers and keep them burning.

There was a community dining hall where the seating was on the floor in a traditional way. The people serving food were very friendly and kept insisting to eat more. The baati was tasty but overall the food was not exceptional and I was disappointed. The jalebis were cold but the warmth with which they were served made us have them a few.

There is a small zoo (rabbits, peacock etc.) which kids might like. There are some shops selling handicrafts. When we arrived a folk show was wrapping up. I wonder if this place is more happening in the day time.

The smiling host who made me eat 15-20 <i>jalebis</i>.
The smiling host who made me eat 15-20 jalebis.

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