Nirmal Baba ki Jai!!

Nirmal Baba is in news for all kind of reasons. He is a self proclaimed god man. Those who are not familiar with him streaming film A Night Without Armor 2017 online

While channel surfing today, I got exposed to Nirmal Baba. Here is what I could manage to watch:

A 50-55 year old person had come to ask a question:

Nirmal baba -> NB

NB: Where have you come from?

Man: Gwalior.

NB: When did you last buy a pair of socks?

Man: In november I bought two pairs. (Kudos to the man who can remember and quickly recall this after almost 5-6 months!!)

NB: Do you have any socks which has only one piece left in the pair?

Man: No.

NB: Not among these two pairs but otherwise also?

Man: No. (lol things are not going the Baba’s way)

NB: The ones you last bought, were they costly?

Man: No, average price.

NB: Bas Isiliye kripa ruki hui hai (This is why you are not blessed), go ahead and buy a pair of costly socks and all will be well.

At this point my brain cells started to commit mass suicide and I ran away from the idiot box as fast as I could.


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