Scharendijke - The holiday camp

One Sunday Leo's friend Ronald visited us with his wife and two kids. The younger boy had recently recovered from a critical illness. The government hospital had provided free medical treatment and at the time of discharge, the hospital gave them a week's paid holiday package for them to celebrate. I was surprised by this kind gesture from the government.

We went to their holiday house. It was a beautiful place and we enjoyed the lunch. Ronald’s wife served me ready to eat Indian chapatti and omelette. We went to the local market and the beach.

While we were crossing a street a car was coming towards us, after a quick assessment of our speed I asked Leo to stop but he said defiantly that the car must stop. He said that according to the rules the car must give way to pedestrian. Indeed, the driver put on the brake much before us without yelling or honking. No wonder these guys look like confused cows on an Indian road.

Scharendijke Photographs
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Canals are a major mode of transport
Myself, Leo and Ronald (from left to right)
Icecream shop at the beach
Icecream shop at the beach
The local market in a nearby town
The local market in a nearby town
The beautiful church at the center of the town
The beautiful church at the center of the town
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