Scenic view of a canal in Amsterdam.
Scenic view of a canal in Amsterdam.
I was organizing old photographs on my computer when I came across the photos I took during my stay in the Netherlands in 2004.

That journey was special to me because it was my first travel abroad. Well, if you do not consider my overnight stay in Nepal across the border near Sunauli, Gorakhpur.

The Netherlands is a low lying country, in fact a large part of its area is located below sea level which give its name Nederland (In Dutch it literally means "low country"). A lot of land has been reclaimed from the sea. These lands are preserved by a maze of canals that channel the water. (source: wikipedia)

The Netherlands has lots of greenery and water all around. It is famous for canals, windmills, tulips, clogs(wooden shoes) and much more. Although traditional windmills and clogs are no longer in day-to-day life. I stayed in the country side so I was fortunate to enjoy and learn more about the culture of this country.

During my stay I visited many places including Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and took lot of photos. I hope you would enjoy my photos.

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