LinkedIn Groups discussions no more a place to seek wisdom

LinkedIn Groups DiscussionsI  am thankful to LinkedIn for providing such a great platform to the professionals. I found many of my best clients on the LinkedIn.

Peer exchange is the best and quickest way to learn. When I signed up with LinkedIn, the first thing I did was to join the relevant Groups. It was a pleasure to check the mail inbox in the morning for new Groups discussions as well as replies on the old Groups discussion threads. These discussions had all kind of elements ranging from fun, insanity, sarcasm to sheer brilliance. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Unfortunately for recruiters and job seekers also Groups discussions were the best place to quickly attain the desired result. There was a time when Groups discussions section started to flood with job offerings and talent showcase. Admin started to request not to post “Jobs” or “Talents” in this section. In fact it became a hot topic of discussion but postings did not stop on most of the Groups.

Somewhere in March 2011 LinkedIn focused on a separate “Jobs” section related to the job opportunities. The goal was to separate exchange of wisdom and job related queries. I am not sure if it was much of a success.

Lately I got tired by scanning 15-20 discussions posts just to see few of them worthy to be called as a discussion. For example if the title of a post says “We are hiring developers in various countries and cities”, there is not much to discuss about. Now, I am subscribed only to a few Groups where I see quality content under discussions section.

On the brighter side, LinkedIn has introduced Answers section. Here one can ask a question and everyone can reply to it. The poster can choose the “Best Answer” adding to the expertise of the contributor.  Not exactly a peer exchange but still I find solace in answering whatever questions I can or read answers to a question which I might have asked. Questions related to job opportunities have not yet started to surface o I can call it a clean place to have fun.

I do not know whom to blame. It might be possible that despite the best attempts of an Admin his/her Group might be overwhelmed by the spammer or It could be just negligence on part of the LinkedIn .

I hope in the race of embracing social media, niche websites do not overlook their core competency. Not every website is destined to be a Facebook nor should they try to.

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