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  1. monkey singh
    monkey singh at | | Reply

    I agree with your point about how despite being big markets, these so called ‘biggest markets’ are nothing but warehouses of the same item. This is one big big problem in regions coming in the cow belt. People cannot customise anything according to your needs and just have standard designs be it with buildings or with furniture or clothes. It is like they all have the brains of cattle and which is why the region is called cattle belt.

  2. Amar
    Amar at | | Reply

    Very helpful review. Sadly, I saw this today and it is no longer listed on FabFurnish 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    This would have been perfect fro my needs.

  3. Pepperfry.com – poor product quality and customer support

    […] seems to have a very large collection of furniture and house hold items. Last time I chose FabFurnish over Pepperfry so I thought to give Pepperfry a […]

  4. Nishant Jha
    Nishant Jha at | | Reply

    real nice design and very functional! loved your detailed review 🙂 I am sure it would help many others too! FabFurnish is indeed a brilliant site, I am also a regulat customer of theirs 🙂

  5. Yogesh Sarkar
    Yogesh Sarkar at | | Reply

    Ashesh, design looks good, especially the trolley for computer case. I guess if there was a shelf above it for printer, then it would be an even more functional design.

    Don’t the side drawers make movement restrictive?

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