Temple, Palace and the Tiger

Day 4 – 28th December 2011

Mysore City Sign Board
Mysore City Sign Board
We woke up at around 5:00 am. Shubhang was sleeping, so getting ready was easy for Joohi. After having a quick breakfast, I called Prakash but he did not answer the phone. Maybe he wasn’t expecting us so early. He called back after 10 minutes, and we walked down to the resort gate where he was waiting with the car.

By now Prakash was well aware of my photograph hobby, so when he saw the sunrise, he immediately pointed to it and asked "Photo, sir?"

This was the same road through which we came to Madikeri so Joohi and I mostly slept during the two hour journey. We woke up as we entered the city of Mysore. I wanted to make the title of today’s expedition "The Royal visit to the city of Mysore" but being a spoilsport, Joohi insisted on "The visit to the Royal city of Mysore".

Prakash told us that we would have breakfast first. I asked, "Where are we going?" He said "Mahesh Prasad". Before I could ask what was the name of restaurant, I saw the sign board saying Mahesh Prasad. If it can be Haldiram, why not Mahesh Prasad?

I had a delicious masala dosa and filter coffee. We left the restaurant filled with energy for the long and busy day ahead.

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