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  1. ViJaya Bhardwaj
    ViJaya Bhardwaj at | | Reply

    initially I liked it here , v square mall, BB mall . Total 4 malls here , but i see much shops are closed except movie hall and food court , , after two weeks I feel I am cut off city like Delhi , I had to go Gurgaon and Delhi for pedicure ,, but you could go only by car , no bus no auto , no metro , they have different auto and 10 people sit in one auto ..NH8 full of trucks ,,, can’t drive with them … I miss gurgaon mall , VLCc , and my one of favt parlour in mall Gurgaon …Vasant vihar …… Local people still narrow minded ,,They just stare at you like crazy ….. I can understand why India don’t developed yet after 60 years , it’s all about lack of good roads to connect big city .. Bhiwadi is 1 and half hour drive from international airport and not even roads built up there except alwar by pass .. Alwar by pass also it is called 4 lane but I feel like 2 lane because its too narrow , and shops all over on both sides of alwar by pass , no Footpath at all … Where people gonna walk ,,, I don’t blame bhiwadi local people coz if I feel cut off from city after two weeks ,, how come they can developed without city life .they don’t even know what’s going on in world ……first need I feel here , more transportation to connect Gurgaon Delhi … Second 6 lanes roads … 4 lanes not enough for driving good cars …….also find another alternative to connect international airport , NH8 is for Trucks only not for Mercedez , Audi …or give one lane to truck and stop parking of trucks on NH8 side road .soon start metro to go Delhi so bhiwadi local people can connect to city , .after that bhiwadi will develop …Thanks ….

    1. susmit roy
      susmit roy at | | Reply

      Vijaya, some nice points you have brought up. I went to bhiwadi twice or thrice. Things are improving definitely but at a very slow pace. However i also remeber the initial picture of dwarka when it started developping. Although with bhiwadi it will never be the same. You cant expect your 30lakhs will turn into 1.5crores in 10 years in bhiwadi . I dont see a chance. What we can do, we can invest in bhiwadi and live in delhi and for at least 15 years.:-P

  2. meghna
    meghna at | | Reply

    What are your views on MVL coral Group opposite to V square mall, Bhiwadi. Please shed some light.I am looking for 2 BHK flat & my budget is upto 30 lakhs.what r d chances of appreciation there in next 4-5 years?

  3. Arun
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    Thanks Aashish G, you given information really v.gud for us. can you tell me which project is good between Krish City and Terra Castle. I’m looking for buy 1BHK Apartment

  4. Mridul
    Mridul at | | Reply

    Hi Ashesh,

    Thanks for the information.
    I was thinking of paying a visit to Bhiwadi as it is considered to be the next destination for the behemoth companies and got to go through your blog at the right point of time.Now i would be having some hands on information before I start my journey.

    What i found out was that the prices of all the projects that have been mentioned in the above discussions have already appreciated more than 70% since 2007.And now that the industries have soared in the same time period and “Toyota setting up a plant there” is just doing rounds without any solid confirmation,Is there still any scope of appreciation there in the next 3-4 years?
    Also i am skeptical if supply is equivalent to demand or it surpasses the latter as there are colossal projects in the region which would be delivered in the same time frame?

  5. Sameer
    Sameer at | | Reply

    Hi Ashesh,

    Yes, thats what I meant to say. Usually, investors are ahead of end-users and they purchase units wherever they see slight potential. They have more money to dump so buying something, for example in a place like Bhiwadi definitely drive demand and prices up. I don’t see any other area in NCR where you can find such cheap property, which is also clean. I could see appreciation of easy 20-25% in last 2-3 years and I am very confident that it would continue to be like that for next 4-5 years.

  6. Sameer
    Sameer at | | Reply

    Hi Ashesh,

    I understand what you are saying but at the same time you also need to keep in mind the local job creation. Industrial boom in this area has increased the population of Bhiwadi by 200% in last decade. That is pretty incredible and in last couple of years I have also seen extra motivation from the state government, RIICO in improving this area by bring bigger established industries like Honda and Toyota. For ex-, just Honda is going to add 5000 extra jobs till 2015 and SH-25 could work wonders for the area.

    I am really not concerned about the consumption as that would happen regardless of how inventory comes in the market. May be a year or so to absorb but I don’t see the area having any trouble. I personally know atleast 10 people that have bought houses/floors/apartments in Bhiwadi to commute to Gurgaon, Manesar as they can’t afford the high price tag of Gurgaon. With time, things would improve and by that time area wouldn’t be cheap.

    As far as builders are concerned, so it is more or less personal choice. I like more open feeling and a good township where lot of facilities are available in-house. Thats why I like Ashiana very much and could see Piyush city going the same way in couple of years.

  7. Sameer
    Sameer at | | Reply

    Good work Ashesh; very well presented and quite brief. Bhiwadi is coming up very well and you could see it to be a new Manesar or another big industrial city in next couple of years. Heard that toyota is setting up a huge plant in Bhiwadi too so please update if you have any news on that.

    I also visited Bhiwadi recently and was impressed with Ashiana Aangan and Piyush city, just because of their layout and huge area.

  8. trehan
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    Thanks mate,

    What are your views on Neemrana. I have heard due to lack of residential supply rentals are as high as 12-14K for a 2bhk. Please shed some light.

    Also lots of companies have plan to set up base there in the next 3-5 years. Please share your views about Neemrana.

    It is different than Bhiwadi in the sense there is no existing supply though the demand is similar in quantum


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