Excalibur(Hells Angels) - Amsterdam, Holland
Excalibur(Hells Angels) - Amsterdam, Holland

About Ashesh Bharadwaj

I started my career with a job in sales as TSI (Territory Sales Incharge), working for Hindustan Lever Ltd.(HLL). I was posted in a small town Azamgarh, East U.P. Soon (if 2 years could be called that) I realized, sales was not my cup of tea. I was devoid of the power to manipulate and other mystic art it required.

I started afresh as a programmer. The timing was perfect. Completion of my e-commerce course was celebrated by dot-com bubble burst, in year 2000. Hundreds of companies vanished over night, those left were reluctant to give chance to a fresher.

At that time, I had the luxury of internet connection on 56kbps telephone line modem (I miss that kirrrr... sound). I looked around the internet (yes, I used google, the new kid on the block) and found out few websites who acted as mediator between coders and buyers. I registered at rentacoder.com (now vworker.com) as a freelance software programmer. From there on, it was no looking back. I learnt technologies as per the requirements of my client and demand of the market. At peak of my freelance career, I was ranked 25th among thousands of registered coders around the world at vworker.com.

Currently I work for a wonderful company Paradise Publishers Inc. as Senior PHP Programmer. We are in e-book publishing business and provide authors and readers a common platform. If you are looking for some good read, do visit our eBooks website Free-eBooks.net

My hobbies have been changing over the years, which I think is perfectly normal. I was crazy about video games. I remember spending nights trying to finish a tough level (mostly FPS and Driving) but now it is difficult to take out that sort of time. Also I find myself lacking the patience these games require. Currently my favorite hobby is digital photography. It is a perfect mix of creativity, off and on field. I hope this hobby last for a long time.

There is no bigger pleasure in universe than watching a smile on your kid. I keep the weekends exclusively for the family. Well... I try and most of the times succeed.

I am the kind of person who knows the value of life and try to make the best out of it. Humor is the highlight of my personality, though sometimes it jumps from fair to dark. There are few principles I strictly adhere to:

  • Honesty: If I cheat others, in no time I will start cheating myself. You cannot be honest to yourself while being dishonest to others.
  • Dedication: Nothing comes easy in this world. If you cannot bring 100% to the table, better not play at all.
  • Punctuality: Priority or not a task should be on schedule. To win trust and gain respect, you have to be on time.

That's all about me, folks!!
Have a great day

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