Dominical, Costa Rica
Dominical, Costa Rica

Hi, how are you doing today?

A few possible reasons, you are here:
  • You are a family member or friend making a casual visit.
  • My photography left you in awe and you want to see more.
  • You are one of my old clients checking out nth time if I have really stopped freelancing or just said so to avoid you.
  • Or the worst, someone ordered a hit on me and you are doing the due diligence.
If you are none of the above then I am little perplexed. Please contact me here, if you have some special purpose.

It has taken me more than a decade to have my own website because I did not need one until now. I have been working with internet technologies for a long time but it is only recently that I have started to socialize. You can say I felt the urge to give something back to the internet community from which I have learned so much.

I have created this website to make all the resources that are related to me accessible in one place. This website will be used to interlink my activities on various other websites. On a website profile form, it's much easier to enter a website address and leave other fields blank, rather filling out all the details again and again. Being an LOTR fan, I must say "One website to rule them all". Feel free to click any of the links below or explore the website through the top menu at your leisure.

This is strictly business, PHP website development. I only connect to people whom I know personally. I hate it when someone sends a blank invitation to join their network. They should have the decency to at least write a few lines. I love to roam in Q & A section and try to answer web development related queries (Update: Unfortunately LinkedIn removed this feature). The group / discussion these days have become too spammy and I usually avoid participating. LinkedIn has given me valuable clients and friends in the past and I am thankful to them. This is a perfect example of how social media can be mutually beneficial.

All of us need a channel to commuicate and blog is one of the most powerful medium on internet to express your thoughts. This blog is my effort to join the mainstream internet community. Indian internet scenario lacks good content when you try to research about a place or object. My goal is to contribute reviews and travelogues/photologues to fill this gap. To read my posts Visit blog

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NSE Portfolio Manager – my first android app
June 26, 2016

I believe mobile devices are the future of information consumption. To keep up to date with technology and enjoy the new wave I switched to app development. I preferred Android platform for its open structure and support to plethora of devices. My first Android app NSE Portfolio Manager is the outcome of my learning at […]
Delhi Election
Mr Kejriwal, इस बार हमसे ना हो पाएगा
January 30, 2015

Last Delhi assembly election I vehemently supported Mr. Kejriwal and voted for Aam Admi Party (AAP). A party without any track record and credential surprised everyone by falling just short of majority and forming the Govt. In previous elections most of us voted keeping no high hope from the candidate whom we voted, but AAP […]
Travelogue - Udaipur Kumbhalgarh
Udaipur – Kumbhalgarh Travelogue
February 5, 2014

There is so much to learn from history and a visit to historical place gives you the chance to visualize how things would have been in old times. I fathomed our vast culture and heritage by the fact that I had not yet heard the name of Kumbhalgarh, despite it being the second most important […]
Those ugly marks are from the mould and not an instance of a damaged piece or an anomaly. I am sure if 1000 lids were to be inspected all would have these ugly marks. – poor product quality and customer support
December 24, 2013

My online shopping  experience  was going so good that I forgot why people hesitate buying online. My latest endeavor to purchase a waste bin ended this winning streak. seems to have a very large collection of furniture and house hold items. Last time I chose FabFurnish over Pepperfry so I thought to give Pepperfry […]
A perfect computer table meeting my requirements. (Furniture – Computer Table) Review
December 7, 2013

I never thought that after buying a monitor I will be writing review of a computer table instead. When I decided to buy a 27inch monitor I did not realize that it would not fit in the cove of my computer table where my previous 24inch monitor cozily lived in. I work for long hours […] A digital window to my life Ashesh Bharadwaj
Travelogue: A journey to
the Land of Maharanas
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